50 YEAR REUNION (digitally).... 
And the music is still pretty good!

The faster we go the harder we fall

Do you think that mother asphalt cares for you at all?

The faster we go, the harder we fall

Cracking up like porcelain eggs falling off the wall.

Back when Watergate was just an ugly hotel and the pop world was reeling from the breakup of the Beatles, Horsefeathers were the envy of the local scene. Starting out in 1970 as a quintet of college students guided by a renegade muse, the band eventually drew large audiences to self-produced shows to opening for major acts with a sound that might best be described as commedia dell'arte rock.

Dog-paddling against the swift, prevailing currents of the day, Horsefeathers squeezed tongue-in-cheek, melodramatic lyrics and essences of classical music, fractured-flickers circus music, jazz, film music, and other found sounds into ornate, meticulous arrangements bound by spliced, knotted rhythms.

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People we paid to say nice things about us...

This is very smart Prog Rock with a wink in the direction of satire. It is shocking that this excellent album never saw the light of day back in the 70s. It is high praise to say that any fans of Gentle Giant will find a lot to like here. And Mick Garris's future as a horror film writer and director is forecast by a 20 minute song called Satan's Creation - which is a blast! Over an hour of well-played and sung adventurous music. Grab it at Dark Delicacies or wherever you can find it online!

~ Jeff Gelb, Mediabase 2020

Active in San Diego for six years, Horsefeathers was often compared in style to the more theatrically ambitious established groups, those with thunderous music, elaborate costumes and gaudy lighting. Reviewers mentioned Jethro Tull, Genesis, Yes, and Gentle Giant. The group was unusual in another respect in the fast shifting world of local boogie bands. Not only did it set its musical sights higher than the rest, it stayed together after almost seven years.

~ ROBERT P. LAURENCE Entertainment Writer, The San-Diego Union 1977

Horsefeathers specializes in all-original, unclassifiable music that sounds like nothing performed anywhere on Earth. From a theatrical fusion of rock, jazz, and classical forms, the band is venturing into even more complex waters — quasi-orchestral rock characterized by intricately interwoven movements.

~ John D'Agostino San Diego Door (The Reader) 1971

Opening for Foghat and Flash and currently preparing their first album, HORSEFEATHERS is one of the tightest groups to play this city. Performing new & unpredictable pieces, HORSEFEATHERS will appear at the Troubadour later this month.

~ Bill Wright, American Entertainment 1972